Completed projects

AGROHIM&KEMOIMPEX – Warehouse building, Indjija, 21720m2. Project Management Services, Statutory Supervision.

ZADUŽBINA MIODRAGA KOSTIĆA – Reconstruction and adaptation of the existing building, Belgrade, 5.500m2, Project Management Services

ALBO doo – Office building with warehouse, Batajnica, Belgrade, 15.000m2, Project Management Services, Statutory Supervision. Total investment value 7,5 M€

BKA DEVELOPMENT doo / DEPO RESIDENCE project – Demolition of existing buildings and reconstruction and relocation of electric cables, Belgrade, Statutory Supervision

IKEA – Shopping Mall, Timisoara, Romania, 27.000m2, Consultancy Services,

DELTA HOUSE – New DELTA Headquarters 23.000m2.Statutory Supervision, Cost Plan development. Total investment value 34 M€.

DUFRY FREE SHOP – Airport Belgrade, Refurbishment of Shops and Restaurant. Project Management Services, Cost Management Services and Statutory Supervision. Total investment value 2 M€.

BAVARIA MOTORS SLOVENIA – Construction of New BMW / MINI Saloon and Maintenance Shop. Pre-Construction Phase Project Management Services and Cost Management Services. Total investment value 10 M€.

IKEA – Shopping Mall, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 33.000m2. Project Management Services, Statutory Supervision. Total investment value 40 M€.

NEW MOMENT IDEAS INVESTMENT – Business and residential building, Belgrade, 2500m2. Project Management Services, Statutory Supervision. Total investment value 2,4 M€.

UNIONSPED – Two warehouses, Dobanovci, 5.500m2, Project Management Services, Statutory Supervision. Total investment value 2,5 M€

BOSCH – Plant complex extension, Belgrade, Serbia, 18.000m2. Construction Management and Statutory Site Supervision. Total investment value 15 M€.

JUŽNI IZGRADNJA doo – Office Building, Belgrade, 4.000m2, Project and Cost Management, Statutory Supervision. Total investment value 4 M€.

CERAK CENTAR d.o.o. – Residential complex, Belgrade, 42.000m2,Pre-Construction Phase Project and Cost Management. Total investment value 22 M€.

DELTA PLANET Shopping Mall, Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, approx. 60,000m2, Project Management services (preconstruction and construction phase) and Statutory SupervisionTotal investment value 35 M€.

BAVARSKI STOLP – InterContinental 5* hotel Ljubljana, Slovenia, 23.000m2, Project Management Services (Pre and Post Contracts). Total investment value 40 M€.

AVIV ARLON Project – Residential building, Belgrade, 8.000m2, Statutory Supervision and Technical control. Total investment value 4 M€.

ROAMING – Warehouse, Belgrade, 10.000m2. Project Management Services, Statutory Supervision Total investment value 4 M€.

BELGRADE WATERFRONT – Cost Plan development for the full reconstruction of the Bristol Hotel, Belgrade, gross building area 15.510m2. Total investment value 18,2 M€.

ŠUMIJEV KVART doo – Office and Residential building, Ljubljana, Slovenia, approx. 48.000m2, Preliminary and Concept budget costs for construction of building. Total investment value 38,4 M€.

NBGP Properties – Mala Kula Refurbishment of Office Building, 10.000m2, Statutory Supervision. Total investment value 4M€.

AVIV ARLON Project – Retail Park Zvezdara, Belgrade, 20.000m2, Technical and Cost control of design documentation and Statutory Supervision. Total investment value 9,3 M€

DELTA IMMOBILIA nepremičnine – Cost Plan development for the construction of the Stožice Shopping Mall, Ljubljana, of the gross building area of 179.500 m2, with garages on two levels, entertainment spaces, restaurants, coffee shops, a gym, communication areas, including landscaping on the roof of the facility of the total gross building area of 77.500,00m2

DEKA INŽENJERING doo, Business Centre, New Belgrade, Preliminary budget costs for construction of Office building, approx. 39,600 m2 (per LEED standards). Total investment value 36,4 M€.

International school of Belgrade – Construction of additional classrooms, Project and Cost Management, Statutory Supervision.

KIBID Company – Warehouse and Business Centre, Belgrade, 2.000m2, Project and Cost Management and Statutory Supervision.

EMBASSY OF JAPAN IN BELGRADE – Construction of new building, Engineering and Technical assistance of Main Contractor Tobishima Corporation

KALMAN – Construction of production hall and ware house Šimanovci, Belgrade – Statutory Supervision

Terazije 35 Belgrade, Refurbishment of Residential Building. Project Management and Statutory Supervision. 

IKEA – Shopping Mall and Distribution Centre, Belgrade, 136.000m2, Study of location, infrastructure, traffic and cost estimate, Preparation of permit process.

GLOBAL PLAZA HOLDING d.o.o. – Retail Center “NOVI DOM”, Vojvode Stepe, Belgrade, 19,095m2, Preparation of Cost Plan based on Preliminary design. Total investment value 10 M€.

GREEN LAND PROPERTY LIMITED – Residential Building Vračar, Belgrade, 550m2, Cost and Tender Documents Supervision. 

NBGP Properties – CROWNE PLAZA BELGRADE, 33.000m2. – Complete Refurbishment of an existing hotel Continental in hotel Crowne Plaza. The project includes complete refurbishing of the existing 416 rooms, including facade replacement. Cost Management services and Site Supervision. Total investment value 41 M€.

METRO Cash&Carry – Distribution Centre Beograd 3, 13.500m2, Site Supervision and Monitoring the preparation of documents for obtaining all necessary permits. Total investment value 14,2M€.

METRO Cash&Carry – HoReCa Centre, 550m2 –Cite Supervision and Monitoring the preparation of documents for obtaining all necessary permits. Total investment value 0.8M€

PGI FRANCE, Kok Zhailau Ski Center, Kazakhstan, the value of the investment is approximately $ 420,000,000.00 Preparation of Bill of quantities of infrastructure for Ski Centre (roads, power supply, telecommunications, gas installations, water and sewage, etc.) and associated facilities (restaurants, office and indoor garage spaces). Preparation of Initial cost estimates in the form of Cost plans. Participation in the audit of the project budget.

Sports Centre VRACAR – Project and Cost Management Design Phase, new sport Hall Development

NEIMAR V – Residential Building Radoja Dakica 57 Zemun, 7.000 m2, Main and Detailed design

CITY INVESTMENT – WestEnd Business Centre, 11.000m2, Technical and Cost control of as build documentation.

VIOLA INVEST – Centrum 58 – Business Centre and Apartments, 23.000m2, Project and Cost Management Design Phase

SILVER LAKE INVESTMENT – Hotel Cezar, Silver Lake, 6.900m2, Project and Cost Management Design Phase.

KLUPKO d.o.o., AVIV Retail Park Pančevo, CINEMA 2.200m2, Site Supervision. Total investment value 1 M€.

KLUPKO d.o.o., AVIV Shopping Mall Pančevo, 5.200m2, Technical and Cost control of as build documentation.